Grow Your Business

Website Design Process

At Digi Invent, we believe building a website is not a one-way process.

Getting A Feel Of Your Business

We don’t jump right into throwing up a website and calling it a day. We take the time to understand your business, goals, challenges, customers, competitors, and industry.

This helps us get an exact idea of how your website should be designed and what problems it should try to solve for your business.

This process begins with the first call we have with you to understand your requirements.

Website Structure And Planning

Once the proposal is finalized and the legal formalities are taken care of, we waste no time and get right to work. We use the information you give us to plan the proper structure of your website as well as all the other important areas.

We make sure we have a clear idea of how exactly the website should be to accomplish your goals and grow your business.

Website Prototype

At Digi Invent, it’s a part of our website design process to always keep you involved and make sure things are shaping up exactly the way you imagined and wanted.

As a part of this effort, we design a barebone version of your website and share it with you in a “live” manner. It allows you to get a pretty good feel of how your website will look and function when it’s fully designed.

It helps to make sure we are both on the same page so that the more important part of the process can be smooth and efficient.

Bringing The Website To Life

Once you have approved the prototype, all you need to do is sit back and relax as we turn a simple but meaningful idea into a website that would serve as the foundation of your business online.

Ranging from the design elements to the color schemes to the calls to action and the contact page, you will see everything being developed at this stage.

We are all for making your website look pretty and appealing, but not at the expense of functionality. Our coders and designers work in great sync to make sure you get the best of both worlds!

Content Optimized For SEO
And Conversions

We start working on the content of your website right when we start working on its structure so that it’s ready to be put up on your website at this stage and turn those leads into lifelong customers.

Of course, we get the content reviewed by you before it goes to your website, and you have the option of requesting revisions if needed.

However, our experienced writers know their thing pretty well and never fail to please both the visitors and the search engines. We know how to make your content do the talking for your business!

Final Touches

Now that everything’s ready to rock and roll, we put them all together and give the final technical touches and schedule the migration of your website.

Once that’s all done, your website is released to the world as your business’ identity and the backbone of your digital presence. Talking of digital presence, we also submit your website’s sitemap to Google to notify of the website’s existence, while also integrating Google Analytics and setting up other important tools.

That’s pretty much it! There has never been a better time to build your business’ digital foundation. At Digi Invent, you get unparalleled transparency that let you stay on top of the process while our expertise and experience are at work.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can bring your ideas and vision to life in the form of your website!